Together, let’s make your brand, its speech and its assets, a memorable and unique experience to win new territories.

Éditions Loisirs et Pédagogie

Modulo - Retraites Populaires


A strong brand identity is a kind of link between the past and the future to give meaning to the present.


Simplicity makes each sign obvious, just as one word is enough to tell to a thousand stories.


Neo Technologies

Uniqueness means giving a particular expression to a universal language.

Saline de Bex

Finding what will elevate a brand requires digging into the soil in which its character is condensed.

Retraites Populaires

Naming and storytelling the central idea of a project means giving life to a meaningful story.

Migros 1032

Philip Morris International

Laurent & Magalie

Philippe Guignard

Piguet Galland

Giving shape to a story and conceiving an identity as a system is what we are about.

Conservatoire de Lausanne



Reconnecting with the meaning of heritage brands while freeing them from the foam of time.

Portes St-François

Christian Constantin