Our agency consists of a team of creative, strategic and visionary experts. We share a collaborative philosophy which reunites a variety of skills, enabling you to benefit from a key partner in the evolution, transformation or perpetuation of your business.

When you work with us, you are guaranteed to be accompanied by professionals trained for long-term projects and the most daring challenges.
A journey mastered by the experience, ambition and passion that the agency has nurtured since its foundation in 1974.


Because we will always find the best solutions for you, we are passionate about it and our job is to bring emotions and personality to your brand.


Because we like to defend the idea of a Swiss label and the skills that distinguishes it: quality, accuracy, measure, discipline and timelessness.


Because our field allows you to enhance your business, your products and your services so you remain inspiring and engaging.


Because we will offer you long-term, efficient and logical solutions to prevent the future, while anticipating the needs of your current targets.


Because we make sure to defend the profession, our client’s interests and projects, along with all our employees’ interests.

What do a foundation active in the field of building culture, an Alpine film festival or a foundation improving the daily lives of thousands of children in hospital have in common? They all have the same purpose: to make society a better place, with greater solidarity.

We are also keen to give back to the community and support causes that are close to our hearts. That’s why we’re honoured to be able to support the foundations listed below.


Fondation Planètes Enfants Malades