Because 50 is the ideal age to take on new challenges and achieve new dreams.
Our anniversary vintage

When >moser matures

50 years! The perfect occasion to gain some perspective and share a glass in an exceptional vineyard. Because this terroir, this winemaker, and these wines share a story similar to ours, born from authentic craftsmanship, deep dedication, and a sincere, inspiring spirit of sharing that adds a special flavor to the first day of this jubilee.

Thanks to Gilles Wannaz and his entire team who, with heart and simplicity, kicked off a year that promises to be full of surprises and festive moments.

A sea buckthorn berry
in the enchanted throat, the beauty of the grape illuminating
the fire of a major lake.

Gilles Wannaz

The bottle and the bliss

Contrary to the saying “whatever the bottle as long as we have the euphoria”, at >moser we have always paid equal attention to form and substance. That’s why, on the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we once again wanted to combine the two: an original wine creation in an exceptional bottle.

This Dark Rosé, specially crafted by Gilles Wannaz and his team in Chenaux, elegantly delivers the deep yet light aromas of shared moments of happiness. The bottle, on the other hand, is adorned with a veil of yellow wax, as if the sun rays wanted to caress, even into the cellar, this grape dream.

As for the ecstasy… it’s the kind that carries people with passion…

Discover the video of the move-in

Bontron & Co!

Because together is always better!

At 50, it’s time to shake up your habits a bit, to see things differently, to be even more creative. This anniversary is therefore an opportunity for us to open up new perspectives. By welcoming the Bontron & Co agency into our premises, we want to create a real center of expertise and foster synergies conducive to creative work.

Two independent agencies that prioritize collaboration and exchanges; it’s a first step towards a new way of approaching the years to come.

An unprecedented collaboration that breathes creativity and authenticity.