MAYIANA: a new jewellery brand that inspires connections

A new approach to the world of jewellery takes shape with the advent of MAYIANA

This new Geneva-based brand offers jewellery that goes beyond simple ornamentation to highlight the deep connections that bind people together and capture the high points of their lives.

For MAYIANA, a jewel of character is distinguished by its emotional power and becomes the intimate reflection of a personality in harmony with itself. Each piece embodies an intimate meaning and reflects a jewellery that is more about being than appearing.

Two agencies working together successfully

Accompanying a new brand in the development of its identity and communication is a challenge that requires a comprehensive set of skills. To meet this challenge, the agencies Bontron & Co and >moser have joined forces and collaborated closely to create all the necessary communication tools for the launch, development, and growth of the brand MAYIANA.

From the development of its brand platform to the creation of its website, from the establishment of its storytelling to jewelry photography, or from the production of animated capsules to the creation of its communication materials, the two agencies have defined a line of expression that combines visual poetry with precision in execution.

This collaboration in service of our clients once again demonstrates that open-mindedness and the addition of expertise in good intelligence inspire large-scale projects and are essential for their perfect realization.