The art of speaking out

The Opéra de Lausanne isn’t just a place of creation but an institution where young talents (singers, dancers, directors or even musiciens) are given the opportunity to show the best of themselves.

At >moser, we are sensitive to companies with an authentic history, a vision and a true desire to be part of our society; that is why we wanted to show our support to the Opéra de Lausanne. Being a communication agency specialised in brand design, it was natural for us to feel close to this institution cultivating the lyric art, in other words, the art of uttering its voice.

Une identité visuelle taillée pour l’aventure

Festival International du Film Alpin des Diablerets, le FIFAD se devait de développer une identité graphique forte et cohérente qui puisse s’imposer sur le long terme et contribuer à sa reconnaissance internationale.

C’est pourquoi les responsables du festival ont fait appel à >moser. Ensemble ils ont élaboré un logotype, un symbole et un système graphique épurés et rigoureux, avec lesquels le FIFAD se dote aujourd’hui d’un solide outil de communication porteur des valeurs qui font son succès.


Toute l’équipe >moser est fière de pouvoir apporter son soutien à la Délégation suisse des World Summer Games LA 2015. 

Cet été, une délégation d’une centaine de sportifs prendra part aux compétitions internationales des World Summer Games à Los Angeles. Du 4 au 7 juin, elle effectuera un camp d’entraînement à Lausanne. 

Pour plus d’informations, n’hésitez pas à consulter leurs sites (en lien sur notre blog)

Lara Gut, a sports brand

At the end of 2009, when Lara Gut and >moser began working together to develop the skier’s brand, both parties knew that they were up for a challenge: to translate the values of an elegant and sparkling personality into a brand and visual identity. It was precisely because >moser shares these same values that an affinity instantly formed between Lara Gut and the agency. In addition, >moser’s extensive experience in the sports world, in particular projects with the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, ATHLETISSIMA, as well as for several international sports federations, meant that this collaboration came naturally.
The results of this shared commitment can be found on our blog.

Why we are committed to TEAM3DECOEUR

All companies have a responsibility to the universe that surround them, and must assume their share of social responsibility. >moser takes this principal to heart and supports causes and companies that aim to improve our natural and human environment.

TEAM3DECOEUR, three shared values

Our agency’s team was won over by TEAM3DECOEUR’s project because it combines three core human values in which we firmly believe:

  • firstly, performance and transcendence. By setting ambitious yet realistic goals, the project’s six athletes demonstrate the power and true nature of sport. Their approach is one that focuses first and foremost on individual performance as opposed to winning against others;
  • secondly, there is the concept of sharing. TEAM3DECOEUR, through the Just for Smiles Foundation, is committed to providing children with multiple disabilities the opportunity to experience an alpine environment that is usually inaccessible to them. This concept of shared experiences is one that makes sense to us and that we wish to support;
  • and finally, TEAM3DECOEUR symbolises passion in its purest sense. We are convinced that the team will meet the challenges it has set, that they will spread their enthusiasm to a wide audience and that the Just for Smiles Foundation will therefore benefit from new materials for its various projects. 

The results of this shared commitment can be found on our blog.